On Friday the 5th of December at 1200 hours TheEnocunter14 will open it's doors at Pixnehallen to LANers and visitors. Read more about it behind this slide and don't forget to check out the four tournaments that we're hosting!

TE14 Tournament signup

Want to ensure a spot in one of our four official tournaments? Then sign up by following the instructions found behind this slide. First come first served rule apply so get to it!

Post MiniEncounter.0914

Thank you to all participants and visitors! You can find a small summary of the event behind this slide, and also a link to Malax TV who did a small thing of us.

Contact us

In order to keep TheEncounter alive we need sponsors, without them we'll have to make the entry fees unreasonably high. Do you have a company that is interested to support us click here for contact information.