The little brother of our main event TheEncounter, arranged every fall and spring in Bygdegården, Malax.


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Entry Fees

A computer ticket for MiniEncounter is 15€, a visitor's pass is 5€. For TheEncounter, our main event, the computer ticket price is 25€ and a visitor's pass is 10€. Visitor's pass are valid during the whole event.

Time and Date

Friday the 16th of March 2018 @16:00 we open the doors for MiniEncounter0318 & @12:00 on Sunday the 18th of March we unplug the ethernet-cords and start cleaning the place up.

The Crew

The crew is supervising the event 24/7. We recommend an age of 13 at our events and the event got zero-tolerance against alcohol & drugs. If you need to get in contact with the crew, click the "Contact" tab up top.

Console Corner

On the event you'll have access to the console corner. We have 2x Playstation 4's with 32" TV's. The games available are FIFA 18, NHL 18, NBA2k18. Even visitors have access to the console corner and can attend console tournaments.


We use a finnish lan-management software called Moya. You buy your ticket(s), book your seat and you're ready to go. We will still use the same payment gateway as before: You can pay online, with several banks as payment-options.

Buy Tickets

How to buy tickets

WOMB4s Café

On the event, you'll find our own legendary Cafè called WOMBA's. Forgot your gaming-gear? Ethernet-cord? Thirsty? Go to WOMBA's. Usually we also have a local food-van outside where you can buy kebab, burgers, fries etc. You name it!

Event Info

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Find us

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TheEncounter LAN event is held in Pixnehallen, Malax/Maalahti. It’s a small municipality south of Vaasa. The so called MiniEncounters are held in the same town but in Bygdegården.

Checklist and Rules

Things you need to know.

Worried about missing some stuff? No problem! We've created a handy checklist of what you should bring to the event! ... And stuff you shouldn't bring or do.


Ever wondered how it looks like?

When we prepared TheEncounter 2016, we had a camera mounted over Pixnehallen to create a timelapse during the preparations. Hard working men & women.

Official Tournaments

Sponsors & Partners

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The Encounter 2017

A great event with plenty of players, tournament attendees & visitors.