How to pre-enroll



1. TBA
  • General
    • Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Version: Latest patch and Steam
    • Game format: Free for all
    • Map pool: de_dust2, de_train, de_cache, cs_office, cs_italy, de_mirage
    • Tournament format: Deathmatch
    • More information will be announced at the event
  • Tournament Composition
    • 15 minutes playtime /per map
    • 3 Maps
      • 3 random maps generated by the crew before tournament start
    • Player scores will be documented after each map
      • 1st place goes to the player with the highest amount of score when the tournament ends, the crew will calculate the points
    • Terms for claiming your prize is the standard
      • Only the winner gets a prize
      • Show up at the designated time for prize ceremony and you will get your prize, you can’t claim your prize afterward.
  • Game composition & Rules
    • Deathmatch Mod
      • We will use SourceMod
        • Deathmatch addon
          • Let’s you choose weapon and equipment by command in a menu, everything is allowed
        • Free for all addon
          • Disables the radar and enabled all vs all
    • Servers
      • Crew will be hosting a fitting amount of servers for the attendants to play on.
      • Crew leaders will assign a server to the teamleader at the crew area before match start on the same time as veto.
    • Cheating
      • No ghosting
      • Scripts that give an unfair advantage are not allowed
        • Such as: No recoil script, bunny jump script and multiple-ducking scipts etc.
      • Scripts that are allowed
        • Such as: Buy scripts, toggles (sneak/duck), weapon switch scripts, demo scripts etc.
  • Support
    • Any questions you might have can be answered by the CS-crew:
      • Christoffer “Crizzly” Törnroos
      • Anders “Xelat” Dahlgren
    • All conflicts will be resolved by the crew
    • Liveinfo, time schedules and brackets you can find on LANFeed.