Our Tournaments 

LAN-parties are all fun and games but when the fun gets serious, tournaments are what you’ll need! We usually arrange 3 official tournaments, depending on the pre-enrolls. If the minimum amount of teams/players is not met, the tournament will be canceled and all who have pre-enrolled will be noticed either before the event start or during.

So, in order to compete in a tournament, you need to pre-enroll. By pre-enrolling, you accept our Tournament Terms. Instructions can be found below. 

Click on respective game-banner to see information & rules.

PUBG and Fortnite tournaments will only be arranged IF we get a permission to host custom matches from Epic Games or Bluehole. This request is pending right now. We will inform more on this matter later.


Official Tournaments for MiniEncounter.0318

Non-Official Tournaments

Pre-enrollment Instructions


  1. Read our tournament terms, you accept them by pre-enrolling.
  2. Head over to https://tickets.theencounter.nu
  3. Go to ”Tournaments” -> ”Tournament list”
    There you’ll see our Open Tournaments, click ”Participate” in the desired tournament.
  4. Afterwards
    • If a team (CS:GO, Overwatch etc.): You will be prompted to enter your team-name & your team-members login. By login, we mean their e-mail. -> Add backup players if desired -> Click Accept rules and sign up -> Voilà!
    • If a standalone player (HS, NHL etc.): Click Accept rules and sign up -> Voilà!
    • Good job! If you have any problems signing up, contact us on info@theencounter.nu or Messenger, Discord #helpdesk