The Checklist

Must bring

  • Computer (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headphones)
  • Minimum 10m Ethernet-cable (we do not lend any)
  • Electricity extension cable (you will only be supplied with one power socket)
  • Entrance money (we prefer that you pre-pay your ticket using our online payment service)
  • Common sense and good behaviour

Good to bring

  • Sleeping gear (mattress, pillow, sleeping bag etc.)
    Sanitary articles (toothbrush, -paste, soap etc.)
  • Personal medicine (if you use some kind of medication you will not stop needing it during the event)
  • Money (food, sweets and souvenirs will be available, we only accept cash)
    Comfortable clothes (you will be sitting a lot)
  • Flashlight (the lighting is subdued during most of the event)
  • Hardware drivers (if you need to reinstall your hardware)
    Sturdy sheet for mouse mat (the table surface may not be 100% even)

Rules & Don't bring this

  • All kinds of drugs (including alcohol) are strictly forbidden. The same goes for any kind of disorderly, aggressive and/or rude behavior (or breaking our nations law, for that matter). People who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are not welcome on the premises.
  • You need to be a minimum age of 13 years to attend
  • The Crew reserves the right to expel participants or visitors who break the rules.
  • The event is supervised 24/7 by members of the Crew and all participants and visitors are to pay entrance and wear the TE-bracelet during the event.
  • Remember that your seating space is restricted, about 80 cm!
  • Only headphones allowed, therefore you will not need any speakers!
  • The power usage is restricted, therefore no coffeemakers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc. allowed!

The Encounter Crew has the right to change these rules without any prior notice.

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