Contact Information

FO-number: 3059355-6

You can reach us by sending an e-mail to the most corresponding e-mail address listed below. We will try to handle your matter as soon as possible, but bare in mind that the Crew is working on a volunteer basis and not monitoring this 24/7. For less personal matters you can also ask us via our Facebook page.

  • Questions & Info:
    • If you have any questions related to our events.
  • Sponsor:
    • Are you interested in supporting TheEncounter and gaining publicity on our page and during our events? Please use the following e-mail address. If you are interested in being on location and offer a service like selling hardware or promoting a product or even an education, please use the same address.
    • You can also contact our fundraiser Victoria Linder on and discuss!
  • Payments:
    • If you have paid your tickets but haven’t recieved them or are experiencing problems with your payment, please contact the following e-mail address. The same address can be used if you have a bill for us and by chance are missing billing information.’

You can also get onto Discord and chat in #helpdesk with someone from crew (green members), there’s almost always someone on. If that crewmember can’t answer directly he or she will contact someone who can. The Encounter Discord channel link:

You can also give the chairman Christoffer Törnroos a call at +358(0)453177009. Keep in mind he’s not always able to answer. You can also vice call chairman Filip Udd at +358(0)504433463.