Malax Gameday

Last year we had the ambitions to create something new, something chill and unique in Malax. This is a gaming-event where you can hang out with your friends and family and take a game of pidro, compete against your friends in the old classic computer games or experience the world of Virtual Reality.

HTC Vive, Virtual Reality

Experience Virtual Reality using the HTC Vive Pro, the latest VR headset from HTC.

Valve Index, Virtual Reality

Experience Virtual Reality using the Valve Index, the latest VR headset from 2019.

Playstation 4, Console Gaming

No soccer on TV? Join us and challenge your FIFA19 rival on PlayStation 4! We also have NHL 18/19, NBA 2k18/2k19 and a couple of other popular games.

PC Gaming

Challenge your friends or family in a game of Battle Royale in Fortnite, build something amazing in Minecraft or beat each other’s time records on Trackmania. We've got you covered with the most popular games.

Retro Gaming

Experience some nostalgia from your early teenage years if you are visiting as a parent! We got the most popular games + a really old MS-DOS computer with some retro games from the 90's!

Board Games & Corner for the Youngest

Take a game of old classic Jenga or Kimble. We also have the card game UNO + a drawing corner for the youngest members in the family!


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