Event Tournaments

There's always room for some competitive gaming, eh?

LAN-parties are all fun and games but when the fun gets serious, tournaments are what you’ll need! We usually arrange 3 official tournaments, depending on the sign-ups. If the minimum amount of teams/players is not met, the tournament will be canceled and all who have signed up will be noticed before tournament start.

This year we have a new sign-up system for your convenience. All you have to do is to sign up to a tournament using the respective form. After sign up you’ll get either a confirmation e-mail or an email that requires additional steps to complete the sign-up. Read through the e-mail carefully and follow the instructions.


League of Legends

Gromp Gang


Cod WZ




Team Name
蕾game of gnomes蕾
Dragon full helm

Northern Bytes

NBTS, the guys behind PGCL are the main organizers of our CS:GO tournament. We partnered up with PGC a while ago, and when they created PGCL, we wanted in. We started cooperating with them and said: hey, we think this is cool and we want to spread the word about this in our area as well. After that, they arrange the CS:GO tournament every year at TheEncounter in a professional way that we only could dream about.

What do they do?
The esport scene is constantly growing. There are competing teams popping up everywhere and even the Finnish public TV network shows CS:GO tournaments on live TV. Since we are all gamers by heart, it only felt natural for NBTS to do their part and help it grow even more! As a company with broad knowledge in software development and esport, the primary focus will be on esports. In this area, NBTS already have some projects started and other ideas brewing.