Event Tournaments

There's always room for some competitive gaming, eh?

LAN-parties are all fun and games but when the fun gets serious, tournaments are what you’ll need! We usually arrange 3 official tournaments, depending on the sign-ups. If the minimum amount of teams/players is not met, the tournament will be canceled and all who have signed up will be noticed before tournament start.

This year we have a new sign-up system for your convenience. All you have to do is to sign up to a tournament using the respective form. After sign up you’ll get either a confirmation e-mail or an email that requires additional steps to complete the sign-up. Read through the e-mail carefully and follow the instructions.


TeamleaderTeam Name
Crizzly(test)Crizzly's Five


PGCL is an amateur league in CS:GO for players on all levels. They have 2 leagues, amateur and pro. PGCL is arranged by Pargas Gaming Community and is based in Pargas, in the Southwest of Finland, about 400km from Malax.

We partnered up with PGC a while ago, and when they created PGCL, we wanted in. We started cooperating with them and said: hey, we think this is cool and we want to spread the word about this in our area as well. After that, they arrange the CS:GO tournament every year at TheEncounter in a professional way that we only could dream about.