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Our Tournaments 

LAN-parties are all fun and games but when the fun gets serious, tournaments are what you’ll need! We usually arrange 3 official tournaments, depending on the sign-ups. If the minimum amount of teams/players is not met, the tournament will be canceled and all who have signed up will be noticed either before the event start or during.

So, in order to compete in a tournament, you need to sign-up. By signing-up, you accept our Tournament Terms. Instructions can be found below. 

You can participate in ONE (1) official tournament and not several IF nothing else is stated.

Sign-up Instructions
  1. Read our tournament terms, you accept them by signing up.
  2. Head over to your desired tournament site by clicking the corresponding image below.
  3. Read the rules for your desired tournament.
  4. Click the button “Sign-up” and fill in the needed information.
    • If you have any problems signing up, contact us on or Messenger, Discord #helpdesk

Click on respective game-banner to see information & rules.

Official Tournaments

Console Tournaments