The Encounter 23 8-10.12.2023

Once again winter has arrived, It’s cold outside and christmas is just around the corner. The darkness that this season brings gives a great opportunity to cuddle up next to the warmth of your computer in the light of your favourite game on your screen. Malax IT-association is organising The Encounter, a LAN-party held in Pixnehallen in Malax, at 8-10.12.2023. Book your ticket today here, bring your gaming setup and tell your friends, and we promise we will give you an awesome weekend filled with tournaments, great prizes and fun.

The Encounter 23

Brought to you by the TE Crew on the right month this time!

This december we’re hosting the Lan event in Pixnehallen as usual, you’re welcome to join us on friday the 8th at 12:00

Be sure to grab your tickets early to get the best seats!

Tickets are available at event tickets

Be sure to get yours as soon as possible!

And remember, if we need to cancel the lan, we will refund your ticket in full!

You’ll find tournament sign-ups here

You’ll find tournament sign-ups here

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