How to pre-enroll


Deck Rules:

  • Before the tournament begins all players must submit 4 DECKS which they will compete with. These decks CANNOT be changed after they have been submitted.
    • A player is not allowed to play unless he/she has sent screenshots of decklists
  • A player cannot have 2 decks of the same class


  • Conquest-format will be used
    • What is conquest? Here’s a video explaining it!

General Rules:

  • All matches will be played on the European region servers
  • Players must provide their own account and cards
  • Playing a deck that is not submitted (See above in Deck Rules) or modifying a submitted deck will result in disqualification and thus forfeiting your spot in the tournament and any prize money won
    • If a player believes that their opponent has modified a deck they have the option to protest (After the game has been played) and an admin will review the deck
    • Please screenshot anything that might be out of place
  • Between each game you have 5 minutes to select a deck for the next game or to calm down the nerves
  • You are allowed to take notes during games but you are not allowed to use a 3rd party program (Decktracker etc.) to your advantage
  • If a game ends in a draw (eg. Hellfire kills both players) the game will be replayed using the same decks the game started with
  • Admins have the final say on all ruling and in extreme situations the rules can be changed


  • Before every match both players will ban one of the opponents decks and prevent it from being used during the whole match
  • The banning phase will take place at the crew-desk or through chat
  • Information about which classes your opponent plays will be provided
  • Ban wisely, it is said that the games are won and lost through the bans!


  • Add doiten#2295 on or email to to ask further questions about the tournament
  • We will put our brackets, schedules and news up at LANFeed. That’s where we will keep things updated on LAN! Bookmark it or you’ll be out of the loop at LAN.