CrewLan 2023

“Crewlan? What’s that?” Is what you’re probably thinking right now.. 

You should know by now that we’re organizing TheEncounter Lan party almost every december and doing so takes alot of our free time. Since we organize all events by “talkokraft”, basically we work for free and have barely anything for it. 
This is one reason behind CrewLan(we want to have some fun too), another reason is we need time to test our networking hardware before the big lan. 

This CrewLan we also had a short visit from Roger at Yle who interviewed our Chairman Victoria & Vice Chairman Filip.
You can listen to the interview at Yle Arena (it’s in swedish)

On the left you see Fraggy play a friendly game of FPS and on the right you find a picture of Spookys PC, “PLEASE DO NOT PET” cute right?

On the left you can see Sneezis and how focused you need to be to hit a target in one of those friendly fps games =)
On the right you see her EPIC gaming socks, boosts FPS by atleast 1000%

Here’s another picture of some random FPS game session and um… our website on the left monitor. From this angle you can see the amount of people at CrewLan, this is not the whole Crew but those who wanted to come and lan. 

Quite cozy at night isn’t it?

We had a nice weekend.

As you can see here we used JNT Fiber Broadband for the weekend, we had a 1Gbit/1Gbit connection and the latency was really low and nice throughout the weekend. 

This was the latency with about 15 computers connected and no limiters so i think we had an avarage download of 430Mbit/s with peaks of 960Mbit/s.

Why do we only use JNT as our broadband provider? 
Well you see, we like their superb customer service and ease of contact. 
And as gamers we need the stable fiber connection they offer to enjoy competative gaming. 

Be sure to check them out at


Does this make you want to join crew? contact us! e-mail, discord or just talk to us at any event…

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