How to pre-enroll



  1. TBA
The prizepool's value depends on player/team-amount attending the tournament! May be changes in value without prior notice.
  • General 
    • Game: PUBG
    • Version: Latest patch and Steam
    • Game Format: SoloFPP and DuoTTP
    • More information will be announced at the event
    • The PUBG Encounter administration reserves the exclusive right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to ensure fair play.
  • Points
    • Players will be given points depending on how they finish each match and how many kills they have. The point distribution is as follows:

1st Place – 25 points        16th Place – 4 points
2nd Place – 20 points       17th Place – 3 points
3rd Place – 18 points        18th Place – 2 points
4th Place – 16 points        19th Place – 1 points
5th Place – 15 points        20th Place – 0 points
6th Place – 14 points       
7th Place – 13 points        Kills are worth 5 points
8th Place – 12 points
9th Place – 11 points
10th Place – 10 points
11th Place – 9 points
12th Place – 8 points
13th Place – 7 points
14th Place – 6 points
15th Place – 5 points

  • Competitive Rules
    • In-game rules are default, with the exception of no red zones, 1.5 x ARs. Other settings may change due to in-game updates. Players will be informed before the start of the match.
    • Each player may only use their own account.
    • If any player is experiencing a known bug they must contact an admin immediately. Failure to do so may result loss of points, temporary suspension, and/or indefinite ban.
    • Each player shall use their best efforts to report any new bugs found immediately.
    • Due to any possible technical issues with PUBG or its servers, games may be rescheduled or canceled at the Admins discretion.
    • Servers will be restarted for 4 or more players not making it into the server.
    • Servers will be restarted if the settings of the game are incorrect.
    • Cheating is strictly prohibited. No player should be manipulating game files, using unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which one may gain an unfair advantage over another player. Determination of cheating will be determined by the PUBG Encounter crew, with rare exception when applicable.
    • Using game mechanics that affects the integrity of competitive play will be prohibited.
    • If any player is found using banned software, scripts, macros, etc., during competitive play, all games that were affected due to cheats will be subject to forfeiture and other potential penalties, i.e. loss of points, temporary suspension, indefinite bans, etc.
  • Streaming
    • All PUBG Encounter tournament matches are allowed to be streamed at the player’s discretion. Players should take potential stream sniping into consideration and plan accordingly. A minimum stream delay of 180 seconds (3 minutes) is required while streaming any PUBG Encounter events.
  • Conclusion
    • All rules are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you find any errors and/or mistakes please message a Crew Member in Discord or find a Crew Member at the Crew Desk.
  • Support
    • Any questions you might have can be answered by the PUBG-crew
      • Niklas ”Flaffy” Westerholm
      • Jonas ”Mande” Edman
      • Jonathan ”Jotta” Holmgren


  • All conflicts will be resolved by the crew
  • Liveinfo, time schedules and brackets you can find on LANFeed.