Malax Gameday 7.10.2023 @Bygdegården

Malax Gameday 7.10.2023 Ett mycket lyckat evenemang som lockade 96 personer totalt, allt mellan 1 och 75 år. Många fick prova på VR, den mest omtyckta stationen under dagen. Datorer, retrospel och Playstation lockade också många. Dagens bästa citat ”det här är bästa dagen i mitt liv!” Förutom barn i alla åldrar så prövade också föräldrar […]

The Encounter 23 8-10.12.2023

Once again winter has arrived, It’s cold outside and christmas is just around the corner. The darkness that this season brings gives a great opportunity to cuddle up next to the warmth of your computer in the light of your favourite game on your screen. Malax IT-association is organising The Encounter, a LAN-party held in […]

Be sure to check our merch shop for great deals

We launched our shop a while back where we have merch and tickets, be sure to check it out and you might find some great deals on our merch! Our merch is a way for us to fund better network equipment for our lan parties and get more cool toys for you to try at […]