Malax Gameday 7.10.2023 @Bygdegården

Malax Gameday 7.10.2023 As schools have started again, so do we. Come and have fun at Malax Gameday! PC, Console, VR & Retro..  we’ve got it all! Bring your friends and family and have a fun day at Malax Gameday. This time we are at Bygdegården. As usual we will also be selling snacks, soda and […]

The Encounter 23

The Encounter 23 Brought to you by the TE Crew on the right month this time! This december we’re hosting the Lan event in Pixnehallen as usual, you’re welcome to join us on friday the 8th at 12:00 Be sure to grab your tickets early to get the best seats! Ticket drop will be announced […]

Be sure to check our merch shop for great deals

We launched our shop a while back where we have merch and tickets, be sure to check it out and you might find some great deals on our merch! Our merch is a way for us to fund better network equipment for our lan parties and get more cool toys for you to try at […]