Rules for Warzone2 is not decided yet, since the game is newly released. Rules might change before our lan TE23


  • Duos
  • Multiple matches, held in a private lobby
  • In-game rank and kills will be awarded points
  • Cross-play enabled (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Minimum of 12 teams, maximum of 32

1.1 The Encounter Crew assumes that each participant who enter a tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically. Insufficient knowledge of the rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.

1.2 A player can only participate with one account.

1.3 Every participant who breaks a rule, will be punished. The exact way of punishment will be decided by the Admin involved.

1.4 Matches need to be played within the times the Crew has decided.

1.5 Gamers who participate are required to play with the Activision/Blizzard account they have specified.

1.6 Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match cannot be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin with proof (e.g. an in-game replay)

1.7 Cross-play must be set to “Enabled” at all times. Games played without Cross-play enabled will not count. To enable Cross-play, go to the Options menu, navigate to the Account tab, toggle the Cross-play option to Enabled.

1.8 All players must set their Call of Duty data to be visible to “All” for the Tournament Organizers to validate the results.

1.9 Participants will not use any third-party applications or otherwise engage in any behaviour that allows you to gain an unfair advantage, and participants will also comply with all of Activision Blizzard’s terms and requirements related to the Game, including but not limited to its terms of use.

2.1 The game schedule and the times when the games are to be played will be published after the enrollment.

2.2 Each team is required to take at least one photo of the score. This photo should contain: the team’s final position, kills, and the players’ Activision ID’s.

2.3 The tournament will be played in a series of matches, and each player shall be in the lobby at the time that has been set by The Encounter Crew, usually 5-10 minutes before the start of the match.

2.4 The point system will be determined by the players placement in the match and how many kills they have gotten.

2.5 Collusion with other teams, including but not limited to disclosing other players locations who you may be spectating shall be deemed as a serious offence and may lead to disqualification.

How do I report scores? (Click the links to see examples)

  •  Take a screenshot of your ranking (death screen/win screen).
  •  Send the screenshot to one of our Warzone admins on Discord.
  •  Your score has been reported!

3.1 The total score of a match must be reported by the players.

3.2 The players need to report the scores within five minutes after the end of the match.

3.3 If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player in question immediately gets disqualified from the tournament.

3.4 If the Encounter Crew wants additional proof of the score the player will have to provide it. (To make this easier for both the player and the Admins, please take screenshots both in-game and later in the Replay section of the menu).

4.1 all participants in The Encounter tournaments must treat each other and the organization respectfully.

4.2 When a participant has hurtful, offensive or racist expressions towards his/her opponent, he will be immediately be disqualified and disciplinary measures will be taken.

4.3 Bad language and/or threats against the Encounter Admin means an instant disqualification.

4.4 In cases of fraud and/or cheats, a participant will be disqualified immediately and disciplinary measures will be taken.

4.5 All participants are treated the same way by the Encounter Admin. When breaking the rules, the following disciplinary measures will be taken.

5.1 The Encounter Crew reserves the right, to make statements and decisions about matters that are not specifically provided for in the rules, in order to maintain fair competition and sportsmanship.

5.1 The Encounter Crew reserves the right to change rules at all times. For example, this could be occurred by changes in software updates or releases of a game.

6.1 If you have any questions and/or problems, you can contact an Encounter Admin at all times.

6.2 The Encounter Admin eventually has the right to make decisions when exceptional situations occur.


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