The 6th of December at 1200 hours the event TheEncounter19 will kick off in Pixnehallen, Malax. For the price of 20€ you can reserve a seat to ensure a spot on the LAN event. Just as our last Encounter we will have a minimum recommended age of 13 (or 12 if you’re turning 13 in 2019), in other words, you’re welcome if you are born in 2006 or earlier.

For those of you who haven’t visited any of our previous events, we can assure that there are activities for you even if you don’t arrive with a clan or a bunch of friends. Besides, you can make friends on location as our participators tend to have the same interests. You don’t even have to bring a computer to the event as we are also selling an all weekend visitor pass for 10€, these are paid at the event upon arrival.

In order for you to get information about the event you should log in to your Facebook account and like our Facebook page. We mainly reach out through this media and through hear-say, so if you’re coming don’t forget to tell your friends as this is no secret community.

Buying tickets

  1. Go ahead and visit and buy a ticket via our booking system. Before you can buy tickets, you’ll need to register an account.
  2. After a successful registration, click the tab “Shop” and select “Purchase Tickets”. Select how many you’d like to purchase and proceed to select through which bank you’d like to pay with.
  3. Complete the payment and you’ll be able to select a seat from the Seat map under the tab “Shop” -> “Reserve Places” as soon as the payment has been confirmed from You can buy more than one ticket (in case you are buying for a friend), but you are not able to reserve more than one seat per account. You’ll then need to go to “Place reservations” and under “My places” you’ll see your chosen seat, “Release” it and you’ll see a tokenGive that token to the desired friend, they then enter the token under “Token” on “Place reservations”.
  4. Voilà!
Buy Tickets Instruction Video

On the event

On the event you’ll find plenty of things to do, depending on ticket type.

Computer Ticket

  • VR Corner & PS4 Corner    
  • Retro Games
  • Official Tournaments & Console tournaments
  • LAN Olympics
  • Play on your own computer

Visitor Ticket

  • VR Corner & PS4 Corner
  • Retro Games
  • Console tournaments & Extra IRL compos
  • You can’t play on your own computer, BUT you can upgrade your ticket at the event

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