This tournament will be managed with BattleFy. Fill in the form above, after that is completed you will get a confirmation email containing a sign-up link to BattleFy.



  1. 5x 125€ Giftcards to Multitronic**7 teams
  2. 5x 75€ Giftcards to Multitronic**7 teams
  3. 5x 50€ Giftcards to Multitronic**7 teams
The prizepool's value depends on player/team-amount attending the tournament, prizepool values is calculated by max players limit. May be changes in value without prior notice.
  • Team Composition 
    • One team leader, plus 4 members (total 5 members)
    • One substitute (can’t be a member of another team or tournament) 
      • The substitute can play if one of the regular members can´t play. 
  • General information 
    • Game: League of Legends 
    • Version: The latest patch 
    • Game Format: 5v5 
    • Map: Summoners Rift 
    • Server: EUNE