NHL 19 Info

Attendees: Enrollment will be handled at the LAN-event.


1st place - Vaasan Sport gameshirt, signed by the whole team + Certification
  • Format
    • Tournament format depends on the number of participants
      • 8 or less participants -> Group stage
      • 8 to 16 participants -> Double elimination
      • 16 or more -> single elimination
  • Game rules
    • A match is 3 periods (5 min per period)
    • Participants have to inform crew about their choice of in-game team (default team is Finland)
  • General Rules
    •  Open to All, including visitors
    •  Played on TheEncounter’s PS4 and controllers
    •  Have fun and behave
  • Support
    • Any questions you might have can be answered by the Console-crew:
      • Annika Salo
      • Lukas Törnqvist
    • All conflicts will be resolved by the crew
    • Liveinfo, time schedules you can find on LANFeed
    • Brackets can be found at Crew Desk