PGC League

PGCL is an amateur league in CS:GO & Hearthstone for players on all levels. It’s free to compete in this league. PGCL is arranged by Pargas Gaming Community rf.
We partnered up with PGC a while ago, and when they created PGCL, we wanted in. We started cooperating with them and said hey, we think this is cool and we want to spread the word about this in our area as well. PGC is based in Pargas, in the Southwest of Finland, about 400km from Malax.

Last season we found some teams from our neighborhoods and made a deal with them. The deal was to give them a free ride if they got to the finals, which was played 20.5.2017 in Pargas. We had 3 teams from Ostrobothnia attending the League, one of them managed to get to the finals, GUUBAN. We drove them down in a 8+1 seat car, and when we got there. Oh man, the feeling. In a quite big theater with a huge screen and the players beneath. Everybody was cheering on their buddies and the e-sport feeling was real. Well, the Malax-team GUUBAN, they won the whole thing and took home the PGCL cup. Jonathan “Skäpz” Svahn, a member of GUUBAN, also won the MVP prize, which was a homemade Deagle Blaze made out of a carton. This was Season 3, a big win for Ostrobothnia in the e-sport amateur scene. We hope to see many more teams attending Season 4, which starts in autumn 2017.

PGCL Brackets



Pictures from earlier PGCL Finals

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