Tournament Terms

By pre-enrolling and participating in a tournament arranged by TheEncounter you accept these terms and the consequenses lead by them.

Before the tournament:

  • A sign-up is permanent, we expect you to show up if you have signed up. Please notify us in advance if you need to cancel.
  • Before every tournament, there’s a info meeting somewhere in the event area led by the tournament crew. Be in time! If you don’t show up, it will lead to a walkover.
  • Read the tournament rules.

During the tournament:

  • No cheating in any way. If cheating is detected, the cheater will be permanently banned from any kind of competitive gameplay arranged by TheEncounter.
  • A fair manner is expected by the player/team. Any kind of offensive behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Ghosting/rigging the game goes under the same category as cheating.
  • The tournaments are led by different crew members. We always have the goal of being as fair as possible in tricky situations. Crew’s word is law.
  • Be in time for any announced meetings and your games. Time schedules are either announced on our social media or at the event. If you’re unsure when your tournament starts, ask us!
  • No extra pauses without prior notice, this can lead to a walkover. If you need an extra pause, agree (with your team and) especially with the other player/team!

After the tournament:

  • After every tournament-finish, there will be a prize ceremony. If nothing else is decided or agreed upon with a crew member, the participants are obligated to attend the ceremony if they want to claim their price. If the team/player leaves early, the prize can not be claimed afterwards.
  • Be proud you’ve participated, whether you’re a winner or not. We are thankful and always glad people attend our tournaments!
The Encounter Crew can change these terms. Notice of change will be published on our Facebook Page.